Speaking the Languages of Love:

Using the StrengthsFinder and MBTI assessments in Relationships

Next Session in san Diego: May 4, 2019

In our consulting practice working with leaders and teams, the one question we are most often asked is, “how can I use this in my personal relationships?” If you’ve ever wondered how to use talent and personality type with your spouse, or wished you had an Owner’s Manual to help you understand your partner, then this workshop is for you!

Join Patrick Kerwin, MBTI Master Practitioner and MBTI expert, and Erin Passons, StrengthsFinder expert and former Gallup consultant, as they help you navigate your relationship with the help of type and talents.

Spend a weekend in San Diego with your spouse, partner, or significant other, and join us for a fun and valuable day-long retreat to uncover the secrets to your best relationship. Utilizing the results from the Strengths-Finder and MBTI assessments in this workshop, you and your partner will:

  • Examine the strengths and blind spots of your relationship combination

  • Discover each other’s communication needs and how to better meet those needs

  • Explore how best to have difficult conversations with your partner

  • Learn how to effectively deal with your partner when they’re under stress

  • Identify what makes each of you feel valued and what you need from each other to be at your best

  • Create an “Owner’s Manual” for each other to use as a guide in your relationship and apply what you’ve learned


This workshop is designed for couples in functioning relationships looking to more fully understand their partners. It is not intended as a substitute for therapy for addressing deeper relationship issues.

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Date: May 4, 2019

Location: SAN DIEGO, CA

RegistRATION FEE: $895.00 per couple* 

(*if registered before February 14, 2019; $1,095 per couple after 2/14/19)

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Register now, as space is limited.  Click here to register and secure your seat!

See you in san Diego!

What You’ll Need:

  • MBTI Assessment Results for each partner

  • StrengthsFinder All 34 Report for each partner

  • Please contact us if you need to complete either assessment